Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Ahh yes! October, my single most favorite month out of the 12. The leaves, the rain, the chilly weather. Everything about it. However, as much as I love this season, I won't lie, I have been riding the struggle bus way too much lately. I have been very unmotivated and have been taking way too many naps. With that said, I must make some goals!

1. No more naps// pretty self explanatory. 

2. Finish a book// I have so many great books started! I'm really into Cyndi Lauper's memoir, and Stephen King's 11/22/63. As good at AHS and The Walking Dead are, I need to exercise my brain a bit.

3. Find a job// This one is probably thee ultimate goal. College is expensive and I like to treat myself more frequently than I should. Let's just say my funds are running low.

4. HIIT & lifitng// I have goals for my body. I'll either lift or do HIIT, I need to do both of them together to get better results. I'm just a tad lazy.

5. Get above a 90% on a French test// I could be doing better in French. It is very fast-paced, but if I plan to be fluent as possible, I need to study a bit more. 

6. Finish all homework before Sundays// It would literally be a miracle if I finished all my homework before Sunday. My weekends would be so much more enjoyable if I did not procrastinate. 

7. Limit dairy// I hope to give it up by the end of the holidays, but I should only allow myself it once a day or every other day. One more step to being vegan. 

7. Write two blog posts a week// And She Was has been neglected. MUST STAY MOTIVATED.

8. Go to bed by 11// Sleep is so underestimated. I need to get at least eight hours of ZzZzs.

Quite a few goals, but I need to get myself back on track. It is not even on option. It's only October! Best of luck to me!

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