Monday, October 27, 2014

One simple step to achieving happiness

Last week I was very flustered with my life. I started to think about internships, resumes, studying abroad, finding a job, my classes, and relationships. It was too much. I had no motivation and felt nearly empty and drained. It was an incredibly oppressing feeling. The anxiety was about to reinstate itself, and that thought all on its own was terrifying.

But over these last couple of days, I really started to focus on myself again, reevaluate, and create some goals and push myself in a positive direction. Not goals of what I need to do with my life... but goals of who I want to become. My ultimate goal is simple: to be the most understanding and compassionate person I can be. Then I have other goals that will help advance me to that peaceful and happy state. With that said, I have found some inner peace and have began to focus on the small things and live in the now rather than focus on the big picture. A concept that is quite simple, but easily forgotten. Now, I have had some time to really focus on myself, get in touch with my spirit again, and set my priorities straight of what would really bring me happiness. 

The best thing you’ve ever done for me
is to help me take my life less seriously.
It’s only life after all.
—  Closer to Fine- Indigo Girls.

So as a result, over the last day or so I got a rush a gratitude and thought it would be a splendid idea to share some of the simple joys that I have been blessed to experience everyday!

1. Any cup of tea that I happen to make. Never fails to satisfy the soul and body.

2. Riding my bike to class being able to feel the crisp air in my lungs, witness the change of colors, and inhaling the smell of changing seasons.

3. The satisfaction of getting up early in the morning and setting the tone for the rest of the day.

4. The internet. Okay I know that sounds pathetic. But I have been reading and discovering more about a vegan diet and follow some pretty inspiring people on Tumblr. The key is to limit that time spent.

5. Texts from my mom who is currently traveling in Ireland.

6. Classic rock. It feeds my soul when nothing else can.

 What are you grateful for?


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