Saturday, September 27, 2014

10 facts about me

I have seen so many posts like this going around and found them fun and a great way to learn about other bloggers, so what do I do? Jump on the band wagon!

Here are 10 facts about myself:

1. I have a big pencil collection featuring around 30 big pencils from around the world. I brought back a majority of the pencils, but I also have gotten them from friends and family.

2. I live and breathe movies, especially cult and 80's films.

3. With that said, I would like to write screenplays one day and, low key, win ALL the Oscars.

4. Staying active is a huge deal to me. I recently ran a Tough Mudder with one of my best friends, I have the goal to run a marathon one day. I also weight train four days a week!

5. I have seen every Great Lake and have been to the smallest country in the world, Liechtenstein. Also Canada, France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. I also plan to study abroad. I consider myself fortunate.

6. I am a vegetarian, I also limit dairy in hope to give it up entirely within the next month. The main goal is to be vegan.

7. I really want a big dog, like a bernese mountain dog. Smallest dog I'd go is a golden or lab. 

8. I have been dating my boyfriend for two and a half years. 

9. I've been on six mission trips.

10. Lastly, I went to a small Catholic Grade school with a graduating 8th grade class of nine. Not only did I go there, but as did my brother, my mom, her siblings and cousins, and my grandmother and her siblings. On my graduation in 2009, I wore the same dress as my mom did back when she graduated 8th grade in 1969.

With all that said have a lovely day!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Trial and Error of Liquid Fasting: Part I

Well last week I started a liquid fast. I was going to shoot for five days but only made it for three!  I am no expert, but this is my experience, my trial and error of fasting! 

Weight before: 120 lbs. 
Weight after: Unfortunately unknown!
Height: 5 Glorious feet of beauty. No inches added.

Drinking Schedule:
After I woke up, I took a few supplements: Emergen-C, Elderberry Extract, and Gummy Vitamins (the only "food" I had while fasting) and mannn were they savored.
Then scatted throughout the day:
A cup of green tea
One Liter of water
Half a Naked Juice
Second Liter of Water
Second half of a Naked Juice
Third Liter of Water
Cup of Tea

Sunday (The Day Before the Fast): Had the illogical mindset that I should eat crappy food because I won't be able to have some for almost a week. Hmm, okay Shannon. Lacked that healthy good stuff.

Monday (Day 1): Attempt to go cold Turkey. Made it until 4:00pm. The hunger was a crazy beast, I could not control it. I heard of people eating a piece of fruit at night, so I thought I'd compromise and I ate an apple. Quickly I felt guilty. Later my boyfriend came into my room, and thought something was wrong and that I was acting strange, which I was! I was anxious and kinda spastic. That's when he convinced me to eat dinner with him, but only a little bit. So I ate a salad and a roll. Then later around 9:00pm I had a Larabar. This is how my Sunday should've been.

Tuesday (Day 2): So technically day one of my fast. This was the first day I went without any food (minus two gummy vitamins.)The hunger is the most intense on the first day, and so are the gurgley noises. In the mid afternoon I began to develop a headache and became a bit dizzy. After that I also got nearly feverish. But by later that night, everything subsided. Also I was not bloated!

Wednesday (Day 3): Hunger was not as intense as the two days beforehand. However at moments I felt sick. Dizziness, feverish, headache, extremely tired, and hard to focus (spacey.) Also when I got up my vision would start to become black and I'd take a moment to regain my vision. But with a nap, most everything cleared up, just had a little headache. Also I would drink a Naked juice and that would also make me feel more whole. Food itself is not longer a craving, just a nice idea. However mentally I was incredibly distraught. I was miserable. Later that night I went on a walk with my boyfriend, and we talked it through and I broke my fast that night. It was for the best.

I broke my fast with a Larabar. Literally, I never enjoyed food as much in that moment as I did any other. I was actually laughing as I ate it because I was so excited and so thrilled to have food. It was strange, yet the experience was nearly immaculate. The taste was amazing, but it was the texture that I longed for. I had an apple and some chips and salsa later on.

Would I fast again?
Without a doubt. I am anticipating the moment when I am ready again! While my boyfriend and I discussed my fast, we went over the mistakes I made and why my fast made me emotionally distraught. I did not mentally and physically prepare myself accurately. Fasting is a spiritual journey, a vision I had, but it was lost quickly. I focused on weight loss. I focused on food. It was harsh. There are so many things I learned through this process that will help me more in the future.

1. Do your research. Seriously, be educated about the subject before eliminate food!
2. Be open optimistic.
3. Use it as a spiritual tool. Focus on mind and strive for tranquility and enlightenment. Be Peaceful and be mindful of your soul.
4. The day before you fast, only eat small meals.
5. Maybe a week or so before you fast, try one day only consuming liquids.
6. Mentally prepare for the questions!

I'll let you know how my next fast goes when the time comes! I'm excited!
Any questions or if you care to share your story and experience, feel free! I am always open to advice!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's time to get my lacto-ovo vegetarian on!

I’ve been vegetarian for about 5 months and it has been going swimmingly! Tomorrow I am going to face my next challenge and give up dairy and take on the label of lacto-ovo vegetarian. So I can now only eat eggs as an animal product, something I never really eat to begin with. I am going to take it easy to begin with, the only hard part will be cheese and ice cream, despite the fact I have been cutting it out of my diet lately. One step closer to my vegan lifestyle! So excited, wish me luck!
Let the challenge begin!

September obsessions

With college starting, I've been neglecting my blog. So I thought I'd come back with a simple post of September favorites! September is clearly in the air up here in Wisconsin. I went up north this weekend and saw the leaves starting to change, and got a giddy and happy inside purely because fall is my favorite season, hands down. With that in mind there have been a few things I have been obsessing over that fit the month or things that have just really been catching my fancy lately!

Fashion// Harlow Suede Wedge Booties by Sperry Top-Sider
I've never really been into anything Sperry, but I love my booties deeply. They are comfortable and pretty easy to wear with almost anything. They fit my personality and style perfectly, so I guess me and the booties were meant to be!

Watches// American Horror Story
Yes, I am kinda late to hop on this bandwagon (thank the lord for Netflix.) It's unconventional because each season is a different story, and the cast for the most part changes. The acting is great and the show in general is so well put together. I am done with only two seasons. I still have to watch Coven and season four comes out in October! Plus I will not deny my affection for Evan Peters.

Music// A few songs I've been fancying in no particular order.
M.O.N.E.Y - The 1975
Siren Call - Little Daylight
High For This (The Weeknd Remix) - Ellie Goulding
Leave the Lights On (DNTST Remix) - Meiko
East of Eden - Zella Day 

Food// Larabars
I have buying these like crazy at my local co-op. I've read that larabars are one of the best "granola bars" you can buy, next to kind bars, another obsession. They come in so many awesome flavors. My Favorite is Chocolate chip coconut!

Other// Fasting
I've really been into fasting and how it works and the different types. I am currently going through a liquid fast for 5 days, and will also plan on intermittent fast afterward. The goal is to cleanse and detox, while getting my eating habits into control. I'll make another post complete dedicated to my fasting once I finish my liquid fast!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

An ode to small blogs (Hang in there)

You know, blogging can be incredibly discouraging at first.
I mean, you put a great amount of time into publishing a post, you know?
First you go through the struggle of deciding what to write about. Sometimes it comes easier than others, but generally not so much. Then you slave over your computer and exert a great amount of energy into writing fabulous content. But some days you lack flow and inspiration, and thus, discouragement begins.
Then not only do you have the pressure to have bomb content, but amazing pictures. So you whip out the DSLR expecting glorious shots. But you just can't seem to get one damn decent picture. After a lengthy amount of frustration, you compromise with VSCOcam. Thank God for filters. You upload your pictures and organize your blog post, mostly likely add some tags and bam, ready for the publish button. However in the midst of hovering over the button, you get this rush of doubt.
Quickly you question your last couple hours.
What if nobody will read it? Can they even relate to it? Will somebody comment, unlike the last post? Is this even my style of writing style?! The anxiety runs high, but you decide to click publish and then view you blog. You read it once more through. Slightly mediocre, but you then you walk away trying to calm yourself from all the build up of emotions, while you wait for a few stats.
Maybe a few hours go by and your beyond eager to see if people care what you have to say. You go straight to audiences to see where and how many readers you have.  You scroll your eyes down the page... United States: 3
Three. A mere three people read what I had slaved over for hours. "This is some sick cruel world", I think to myself. "I'm giving up. Too much time and love put in to be let down like this."
But then my eyes scroll a little further. Turkey: 29
Holy man. Quickly I start cheesin'. This is amazing. Twenty-nine glorious human beings over in Turkey care what I have to say. While I am completely overjoyed of the increase of people reading my blog, I get a twinge of guilt.
My original goal of creating a blog flashes through my mind. To write and expand my horizons as a writer. I sometimes become too caught up in the views that I lose my own voice. I forget who I originally started writing for and why.
No wonder I "slave" and lose interest in blogging. I write for others which makes my goal foggy because I've become so focused on views and followers.
I sigh, shake my head, and stare at the screen for a moment. Inside I feel the emotions flowing through. That's when an idea hits me. An idea all my own. So raw. So real. So, my voice. Quickly I start writing a new post. My fingers typing away as if I were Bruce Almighty. Not too long later, it is finished. Without a doubt I publish the post and once again view my blog.
There she is in all her glory. Suddenly you become overjoyed with self satisfaction. You smile and read your post eight more times because it's THAT GOOD. Just kidding. It just becomes so satisfying to hear your own voice finally come through. I mean that is what blogging is about, after all.