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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Playlist// April '15

Playlist// April 2015

1. Fallingforyou // The 1975 (Can never have too much of them. Like, ever.)
2. Play // iamamiwhoami
3. Sleepwalking // The Chain Gang of 1974
4. It Was Always You // Maroon 5
5. Under The Milky Way // The Church
6. Lofticries // Purity Ring
7. The 59th Street Bridge Song // Simon & Garfunkel
8. Everyday is Like Sunday // Morrisey

Hope you enjoy! What have you been listening to?


Saturday, April 4, 2015

hello, it's me again

Hello, friends! I feel like I'm saying this all the time, but it has been so long! I've really slacked on the blogging, but if acceptable, do you mind if I make a comeback?

I don't know why I stop blogging. I do love to write...
As a kid and growing up, I always thought writing in a journal was kinda cheesy. Still, I would spew my thoughts into a little notebook with a cat illustrated on the cover. Everyday I would write down every single detail of my pre-middle school days. Quickly, I'd get bored and throw it in my desk. In seventh grade I picked it up again and did the same tedious process, to once again get bored, and put it in my top dresser drawer. I later found it in high school and threw it away. *regret* Ironically, twelve years later, I have resorted back to writing my deepest thoughts down in a journal. Only this time, I have found the experience incredibly liberating and has brought me down a path towards self love and tranquility. Pretty cool write? Ha. See what I did there...
Anyways... why has my passion of writing changed so drastically? Maybe because I have developed an appreciation of writing? My own voice came to surface? Perhaps it is because I've entered the years of becoming a twenty-something? Who knows. Maybe I'll find out as I word vomit my love for writing all over the lines of a Five Star notebook.

Talk about word vomit. Weren't we talking about the blog?

I think I needed some maturing, some seriousness instilled into my brain. I need planning and dedication. A rad layout and some sick material. You dig? I'm ready to grab blogging by the horns. I have some issues to sort out yet, but I'm confident I'll reach my goals!
(My next step is adding pictures, hehe.)

None the less, I have been quite inspired lately and I am here to get And She Was back towards taking its first couple steps towards a bright future.

I look forward to see what is in store!


Saturday, January 24, 2015

Playlist// January 15'

Ever since I got my new stereo, music has been playing probably 75 percent of the time I'm awake. Before that, music was till probably playing 74 percent of the time.

With that said, here are a few songs that have just really been hitting the right spot lately. (videos linked with name title)

In no particular order...

1. No Rain // Blind Melon 
2. Tumblr Girls // G-Eazy (explicit video)
3. Never Going Back Again // Fleetwood Mac 
4. Dazed and Confused // Led Zeppelin 
5. Blank Space // T-Swift (I don't care who you are, Swift fan or not, YOU LIKE THIS SONG)
6. Make Me Do // Illenium 
7. Ass Drop // Wiz Kahlifa (Sooo catchy. I've woke up with this stuck in my head the past three mornings)
8. Molly O and Dog Boy // Roy Rogers, Shana Morrison (I actually could not find a video for it, but it is on Spotify. It is acoustic with a mysterious vibe. Really beautiful)
9. So Far (It's Alright) // The 1975 


Friday, January 23, 2015

Review // Manic Panic: Purple Haze (on non-bleached hair)

My goodness hello! It has been so long! I left for winter break and completely neglected this poor blog... Well here I am, back and in all my glory. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Mine were pretty enjoyable, I saw family and old friends, went snowboarding, bought a new stereo, andddd I dyed my hair purple!

Crazy right? Maybe not. I knew one day I'd take the plunge. It was merely a matter of time!

So my friend Lydia and went to Sally's Beauty Supplies and bought the dye. We each grabbed two containers (around $9 ea.) each . I chose two of Purple Haze, and she chose Rockabilly Blue.

We went back to my house and the process began. We skipped bleaching our hair, so it would not become damaged (again) and went straight to smothering our hair in in approximately 1 1/2 containers of dye. We then jankily put a plastic bag over our heads and let it sit for 30 minutes.

This is how our process went:
(Photo cred: Mom)

Our final result:

Here is a picture of the back of Lydia's hair. This cool chick had an ombre, so it turned out even more awesome!

 But I've got to be honest, it was short lived. Here is my hair only one week later, after three washes. A greyish-purple with brown poking through every now and again.


Final Statement: It was fun while it lasted. I have been dying the underneath of my hair bright colors for the last six years and have ALWAYS used Manic Panic and have been pleased with long lasting color. However, my hair was bleached. This time it was not. I had read some reviews that Manic Panic worked well on brown hair, but I'd say otherwise. During every wash, my shampoo would turn bright purple. My hair left stains on my pillow, sweaters, and my Mom's vintage suede jacket! So sad. Lydia says her hair still blue on the bottom (where is was bleached), but is turning a greenish color on top. But there are some factors to take into consideration. Other than rinsing with cold water, I did not use a color protecting shampoo (other than the conditioner after the initial rinsing of the hair) and our hair dying process was a little... unprofessional to say the least. But even if we had done everything correct, I'm sure the color would not have lasted much longer. I think the bottom line is no matter what brand of dye you have, if you want a bright color and for it to stay long, bleaching is necessary. 

Maybe one day. 

But for now, I'm thinking adding a few dreads again;)


Saturday, December 6, 2014

Opportunities to Look Forward to in 2015

The year 2014 came and went so quickly! My first year of college when by in a blink and its hard to believe I am already almost done with my first semester of my sophomore year! As I get older I am understanding how fast time is flying. It has really put into perspective how I do have to seize the day and make the most it. Take advantage every opportunity I can while it is right in front of me. We take so much time for granted. So with that said, here are some opportunities I am looking forward in this upcoming year 2015.
1. Running a half marathon and running my second Tough Mudder.

2. Studying abroad in Switzerland. On that subject visiting as many places as possible!
3. Become published author in some way, shape, or form.
4. After I come back from studying abroad, making the official transition from vegetarian to vegan.

5. Living in a house with my close friends.
6. Hopefully be doing an internship!
7. The new Star Wars movie, and Find Dory!
8. My brother coming home from teaching english in South Korea.
Those are just a few things as of right now. I am excited to see where 2015 will take me. 
What are you excited for in this upcoming year?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Top 10 Cult Films

If I have not made it clear yet, I LOVE MOVIES. They bring me joy and there is always a way I can connect with them. To me, a movie is not just a movie... it is a piece of art. While I love nearly any movie, in this moment I would like to share some of my favorite cult films.
"Wait Shannon, what is a cult film?"
That is a great question! A cult film is a particular film that has a diehard following. Most often the films have a strange sense of humor and are outlandish compared to the average mainstream film.
With that said, in no particular order:
1. Young Frankenstein, Dir. Mel Brooks, 1974

3. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dir. Jim Sharman, 1975
4. Clue, Dir. Jonathan Lynn, 1985
5. Donnie Darko, Dir. Richard Kelly, 2001
6. Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Dir. Tim Burton, 1985

7. The Lost Boys, Dir. Joel Schumaucher, 1987
8. Wayne's World, Dir. Penelope Spheeris, 1992
9. Heathers, Dir. Michael Lehmann, 1988
10. Dazed and Confused, Dir. Richard Linklater, 1993
I could've easily continued the list. But there are ten of them! All cult films, all worth the viewing.
What are your favorite cult films?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cult Classic Favorite: Tim Curry

I highly enjoy Tim Curry. I really can not understand why I love him so much. Maybe it is because all the characters he has played are so classic. Maybe it's that distinct voice of his. I really can not put my finger on it... but he continues to win my affection again and again. So I thought I would honor him. Give him an ode for all the fine entertaining he has brought to the world over the past several decades. 
Let's start from his humble beginnings... 
It all started in the late 1960's when he was casted in the original, London Cast, Hair. A musical that is outdated now, but still quite wonderful. Plus they all come out naked at the end of the first act. So that always keeps things a little interesting, right?

Here we have a young Tim Curry, at the tender age of 23 discussing Hair.
It was while working on Hair, the Curry met the man, Richard O'Brien, that would place him in one of the most iconic roles of all time... 
Rocky Horror Picture Show. In this fine piece cult cinematography, Curry takes of the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter, a mad scientist/transvestite. This role launched his career.
He continued to play this role also on broadway until 1975, in London, LA, and NY.   
While Rocky Horror Picture Show was a major success, he went on to play many other roles in the theatre realm... 
Here he is play in the original cast playing Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart, in Amadeus... Also mind you that is Ian Mckellan next to him... eehm, LOTR's Gandalf.  He also starred in Travesties, The Pirates of Penzance, Me and My Girl, My Favorite Year, Monty Python's Spamalot, What About Dick?, numerous plays with the Royal National Theatre, and many other productions!
Exciting, right? Well his roles would continued to be nothing but sheer glory in the movie industry...
While I would love to go through each and every role, this post would probably take light years to get through... so I'll stick to some of his most popular roles. 
He played the bad guy, Rooster Hannigan, in 1982's Annie
Wadsworth, the butler in 1985's Clue. A personal favorite!
in 1990, he was in The Hunt for Red October as Dr. Petrov. 
What a nice picture.  
That same year he made the transformation to Pennywise the Dancing Clown. He terrified and ate children in the ABC miniseries It. Don't worry, Pennywise was destroyed in the end. 

Soon he became part of one of the most popular christmas franchise, Home Alone. He had the role of the the concierge in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Skip ahead nearly a decade and he made appearances in a variety of movies such as Scary Movie 2 and Kinsey, the biopic of Alfred Kinsey.  
Now when I ask a person my age if they know who Tim Curry is they say no. I'll bring up Home Alone or Rocky Horror Picture Show, and some of them sort of remember. Contrary to their belief, they are quite familiar to Tim Curry. Especially his voice. For he was the man behind many of our favorite cartoon characters. 
Nigel Thornberry
Rex Pester in The Rugrats Movie.
Then so many other more! 
Here is to Tim Curry. What a international treasure.
I hope after reading this post, he now holds a special place in your heart as he does in mine.