Saturday, April 4, 2015

hello, it's me again

Hello, friends! I feel like I'm saying this all the time, but it has been so long! I've really slacked on the blogging, but if acceptable, do you mind if I make a comeback?

I don't know why I stop blogging. I do love to write...
As a kid and growing up, I always thought writing in a journal was kinda cheesy. Still, I would spew my thoughts into a little notebook with a cat illustrated on the cover. Everyday I would write down every single detail of my pre-middle school days. Quickly, I'd get bored and throw it in my desk. In seventh grade I picked it up again and did the same tedious process, to once again get bored, and put it in my top dresser drawer. I later found it in high school and threw it away. *regret* Ironically, twelve years later, I have resorted back to writing my deepest thoughts down in a journal. Only this time, I have found the experience incredibly liberating and has brought me down a path towards self love and tranquility. Pretty cool write? Ha. See what I did there...
Anyways... why has my passion of writing changed so drastically? Maybe because I have developed an appreciation of writing? My own voice came to surface? Perhaps it is because I've entered the years of becoming a twenty-something? Who knows. Maybe I'll find out as I word vomit my love for writing all over the lines of a Five Star notebook.

Talk about word vomit. Weren't we talking about the blog?

I think I needed some maturing, some seriousness instilled into my brain. I need planning and dedication. A rad layout and some sick material. You dig? I'm ready to grab blogging by the horns. I have some issues to sort out yet, but I'm confident I'll reach my goals!
(My next step is adding pictures, hehe.)

None the less, I have been quite inspired lately and I am here to get And She Was back towards taking its first couple steps towards a bright future.

I look forward to see what is in store!


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