Monday, August 25, 2014

7 Steps to Clear & Glowy Skin: The Natural Way

Trying to have clear skin can often be a vicious cycle. Don't wash it, it gets oily, wash it too much it, drys out. Plus both skin that is too oily or too dry can lead to acne. That is how it always was for me. It was a HUGE pain in the butt. But recently my skin has cleared and I get a lot of compliments about how "glowy" or "clear" my skin is. I have made plenty of changes for my skin to get it to where it is today, and I thought I'd share with you what I do!

Heads up, I'm no dermatologist...I know, shocker. This post is strictly based off my experience. But these few changes have greatly improved the quality of my skin, and I am sure they could help you too! (Also, for the record, my skin type is normal)

7. Watch how much you wash your face

//What I am about to share really depends on the person. From my personal experience, washing my face twice a day would only make my skin worse. It would dry out my skin terribly which would lead to more acne. Also, because it would be so dry, I'd have to add more moisturizer--more chemicals, more clogged pores, and more trips to the store to buy more products. Umm, no thanks! So now I only wash my face once a day (unless I go for a run and I'm sweating a lot, then I might give it a quick wash). I have even gone a day or two without washing it to allow my skin's natural oils to do their thang. The result made my skin softer!

6. Watch how much you exfoliate.

//Pretty explanatory. I used to exfoliate my skin all the time, and it would dry out my skin so bad. Another part to the vicious cycle. I now stick to once a week!

5. Hide the make-up from yourself

//My advice, avoid all make-up. I know, extreme for some... especially for those beauty girls, it's in your blood! But once you stop using it after awhile, you won't need it! It clogs pores making acne worse or skin more oily, at least that is what it did for me. Even blush.  Now, I only break out the face make-up when I am feeling especially girly. Generally, I just stick to eye make-up because I don't have to worry about even skin tone anymore. Plus, it makes getting ready a quicker process!

4. You are what you eat!

//Bottom line, eat healthy and feed your body the nutrients it needs! This is so important, I can not even express! Do I need to say more? I know that YOU know to eat your peas. I ain't your motha.

3. Vitamins

//I take a a few everyday:
 Vitamin B complex
The last two are especially good for hair, skin, and nails. You can get all of those at really any drug store, or even Walmart. I buy the MSM specifically from Traders Joe's. I am sure you can find it other places as well.
2. You wash your face with what??

//Indeed. I wash my face with raw honey, and moisturize with Red Raspberry Seed Oil. My advice here is to head to Alex Raye's blog! Honestly, her blog is god. While making my transition from chemicals to all-natural, her blog has been my Bible!
Essentially, raw honey has properties that moisturize, dry out, and cleanse all at the same time. Plus it is 100% natural (if you buy it raw). Also, I bought my jar for $12 at a local health food store, about two months ago and have barely made a dent! You get bang for your buck.
Then, the red raspberry seed oil is moisturizing without leaving skin feeling sticky and shiny, merely soft and glowing. Not to mention, also 100% natural, and has a high SPF upward to 50! 

1. Water

//The single most important thing you could do for yourself is to drink water; not just for your skin, but for everything. Literally, everything. It makes hair softer, less bloated and sluggish, and does all sorts of crazy good stuff for your insides, which I am sure you already knew. Experts say you should drink about 3 liters a day. That's what I shoot for. I carry a water bottle literally everywhere I go and am always refilling it! It is the best thing you can do for yourself and your skin! Drink and chug that magical liquid! Stay hydrated and give your body some love! Water is the best thing you could give to it.

I know all this information is pretty basic, but what is comes down to is that these are tough habits to get into! Just be patient and take it slow if you have to; drink water and avoid anything with chemicals. I would really appreciate the feedback or even your tips and secrets that you swear by!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Door County 2014

The last couple weeks of August are always crazy regardless of age. Rushing to fit in the last few summer adventures and activities before gathering the school supplies or packing up bags for college. For me, I was able to fit in a few adventure; from camping with my boyfriend to visiting my friends, work did not completely suck the fun out of my summer. But this past weekend my mom and I went on one final trip, one I have been looking forward to all summer, our trip to Fish Creek, Door County!

Now if you don't know where Door County is, it is the peninsula of Wisconsin that stretches into Lake Michigan. Fish Creek in particular is on the north side. It is a small quaint town that has a great amount of history, beautiful scenery, and plenty of shopping!

And the FOOD! 

Cheese and onion pizza loaded with Garlic from the Bayside Tavern. Delish.
If God were a food, dark chocolate PB cup from The Confectionary. I had one or two, or maybe three. No shame.

Don't forget to go to the White Gun Inn, a restaurant/hotel that has been standing and in service for more than 100 years! Plus it is only a block away from the lake. While waiting to be seated, I obtained myself a glorious cup of tea. If you don't know already, I am a tea junkie! One sip and I was in love. I chose "Paris" by Harney & Sons. It was the most unusual flavor I saw in the mix, so I tried it and was far from disappointed. It was sweet but not fruity, I thought I picked up a hint of lavender. Definitely keeping my eyes open for this brand. 

While the tea was amazing, the breakfast was insanely majestic. The White Gull Inn is actually famous for their breakfast. Since Door County is cherry country, especially this time of year, many of their dishes contain cherries! I got their cherry creamcheese stuffed french toast with a side of hash browns. This dish, mind you, won an award from Good Morning America. This is the second time I've had this dish. It is amazing beyond belief. This meal itself, should be put on your bucket list.

In the midst of eating, shopping, swimming, boating, etc., take in a moment to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

 Shopping in Fish Creek is always fun. You can anything to quirky products to the essentials. Myself, a few of my favorite things I purchased were a green Stormer Kromer hat, a new pair of mocs, and well, I'd be a liar if I didn't put Peanut Butter Cups on this list...

But on the way home my family always stops at a shop completely devoted to cherries, and well, I think our last purchase was a perfect ending to such an amazing gateway.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel Reveiw

When it comes to makeup, I have no idea what brand is good for what. I can't even apply eye liner properly... but when it comes to my nails, you can always find them neatly painted with the shade changing week to week. It's easy and quick. Plus when I making a trip to Walgreens, I'll go in the the intention of buying tooth paste and walk out with three new bottles of nail polish. Oops.

I have always loved Revlon nail enamel. Wide variety of color, does not chip to easily yet it's affordable. But yesterday I came across a color that came from the Parfumerie Collection by Revlon, Moonlit Woods. Now the name of the collection is kinda self explanatory, it is suppose to smell delicious. I remember Revlon having a line like this a year or so ago, only the bottles were pretty average in comparison to their normal nail enamel. FYI, the new bottles are pretty shmancy. Well, congratulations Revlon you did it! The smell of the nail polish is sweet, kinda fruity, but not overwhelming. The scent is the most potent at first when the polish just starts to dry, then starts to fad. But even for a few days after you could still pick up a hint of something nectarous.  

I only have two of the colors from this sweetened collection: Moonlit Woods and Autumn Spice.
Both are gorgeous.
I have to to try the Autumn Spice shade. But it is next on my list! I'll give an update then.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to Make Most of Your College Experience

College will be the time of your life. But you and only YOU that can make it that way! So take advantage of what is ahead of you and live without regret.

6. Participate in Welcome Week Activities
// Maybe to some this may seem a little cheesy, but by participating in these events you learn so much about your school and what they have to offer you, making the campus your oyster! They can lead you to participate in clubs and societies, help you learn more about the community, and you will meet so many new people! Those people I adventured around with the first couple weeks of school are now my closest friends!

Okay, not the cutest of pictures, but the was taken during welcome week. Turns out those photobombers would soon become good friends!
5. Don't Go Home Every Weekend
//Every once in awhile is okay, but if you go home every weekend, it'll really make it a lot harder to build friendships. You meet SO MANY people on the weekends! The weekends are your time to relax and take a break from classes. Most likely you'll be wanting to go out and enjoy the nightlife, or maybe you want to chill and watch a movie. No matter what you want to do, you can always find someone who wants to do the same as you! Friendships are a vital part of your college experience. After all, some of these people you will consider close lifelong friends. Don't miss out on that! 

4. Stay Organized
//You are going to be having so many papers, assignments, and projects. Especially the last two weeks of your semester! It will be so incredibly easy to forget about something. Sometimes you'll have that kind professor that will remind you of a due date, maybe even send an email, but that is not always the case. I don't mean to sound like your parent... but you have to be aggressive and stay on top of things! Not even joking, if you forget even one assignment, it could break your grade and prevent you from reaching your goal.

3. Enjoy the Environment & Support the Local Community
//Take in the scenery and go on an adventure! Go on a walk, visit a farmers market, volunteer, be local! This new place that you go to school at is now your new home. So get to know it! Don't be that person that only knows where the best parties are... stay well rounded, and enjoy your time there. Make the most of it!
A trail near to where I was living.
2. Take Advantage of the Opportunities in Front of You 
// In other words, become involved! I can not stress this enough! Join a club, a band or a choir. Perhaps play an intramural sport, or a take a yoga class. Find your niche. Not only will you meet tons of new and interesting people, but by participating you'll expand your horizons and open the door to new opportunities and experiences. Believe me, you'll make so many great memories. Also don't turn down field trip opportunities! Your professor set up these trips for a reason, so you can gain knowledge first hand!

1. Put Yourself out There & Be Aggressive
//This is so important. This is not just about how to make college the best experience you could have, but it's also a way to approach life as a whole. In high school, my biggest regret was not putting my self out there. I did not join many clubs, I never went for a leadership position, and as far as my grades... well, I really wished I would've tried harder. In college I promised myself that would change, and it has! I am a member of a handful of clubs, have gained my first leadership position, and I met my goal in terms of my grades. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and motivates me to shoot even higher! Not only does this apply to school, but your personal goals as well. Coming up this September I'll be running my first half marathon, and recently I started this blog! Two huge goals I have had for quite awhile. Although it took a lot of preparation, I have finally reached my goals and am super excited to see where my future can take me if I stay as aggressive as I have! Although it can be intimidating and even a little terrifying, it is totally worth it and will make for a successful person. 

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little Wolf Lake

This summer has been crazy, and not in the fun way... Working over 40 hours a week becomes absolutely draining! Even though I am starting my last week of work (yay!) I still managed to fit in a bit of a getaway this past weekend up to a lake in northeastern Wisconsin. It was the perfect break i needed to get through this last week of work. Plus not only did I get to fit some chill time in, but I got to spend some awesome time with my family before I was sent on my way back to school for the fall!

 My Uncle Wayne and Uncle Jeff are amazing couple of a cook and baker! Lemon Blueberry pancakes. Mmmm.

And what trip up north would be complete without antiquing! At least with my family. It was a cute little joint, not to mention I got a pretty groovy vintage lava lamp!

And what would a trip to an antique store be without Uncle Wayne posing in a WWI era helmet?

Then we found this little ice cream "station" along the tracks of a rail road track

 Hey There
 Turtle Sundae? Yes please!

 Got to find some time in to hoop with my new PolyPro!

 This rubber snake has made it on every family trip that includes my Uncles. By first glance, it always scares you. They are truly wicked.


So excited for my trip to door county next week! Hope your past weekend was as enjoyable as mine!