Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little Wolf Lake

This summer has been crazy, and not in the fun way... Working over 40 hours a week becomes absolutely draining! Even though I am starting my last week of work (yay!) I still managed to fit in a bit of a getaway this past weekend up to a lake in northeastern Wisconsin. It was the perfect break i needed to get through this last week of work. Plus not only did I get to fit some chill time in, but I got to spend some awesome time with my family before I was sent on my way back to school for the fall!

 My Uncle Wayne and Uncle Jeff are amazing couple of a cook and baker! Lemon Blueberry pancakes. Mmmm.

And what trip up north would be complete without antiquing! At least with my family. It was a cute little joint, not to mention I got a pretty groovy vintage lava lamp!

And what would a trip to an antique store be without Uncle Wayne posing in a WWI era helmet?

Then we found this little ice cream "station" along the tracks of a rail road track

 Hey There
 Turtle Sundae? Yes please!

 Got to find some time in to hoop with my new PolyPro!

 This rubber snake has made it on every family trip that includes my Uncles. By first glance, it always scares you. They are truly wicked.


So excited for my trip to door county next week! Hope your past weekend was as enjoyable as mine!

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