Saturday, August 16, 2014

Revlon Parfumerie Nail Enamel Reveiw

When it comes to makeup, I have no idea what brand is good for what. I can't even apply eye liner properly... but when it comes to my nails, you can always find them neatly painted with the shade changing week to week. It's easy and quick. Plus when I making a trip to Walgreens, I'll go in the the intention of buying tooth paste and walk out with three new bottles of nail polish. Oops.

I have always loved Revlon nail enamel. Wide variety of color, does not chip to easily yet it's affordable. But yesterday I came across a color that came from the Parfumerie Collection by Revlon, Moonlit Woods. Now the name of the collection is kinda self explanatory, it is suppose to smell delicious. I remember Revlon having a line like this a year or so ago, only the bottles were pretty average in comparison to their normal nail enamel. FYI, the new bottles are pretty shmancy. Well, congratulations Revlon you did it! The smell of the nail polish is sweet, kinda fruity, but not overwhelming. The scent is the most potent at first when the polish just starts to dry, then starts to fad. But even for a few days after you could still pick up a hint of something nectarous.  

I only have two of the colors from this sweetened collection: Moonlit Woods and Autumn Spice.
Both are gorgeous.
I have to to try the Autumn Spice shade. But it is next on my list! I'll give an update then.


  1. Have been eyeing these up for a while now, must buy!

    and beauty or something.

  2. Yes! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do! For sure want to expand the collection.