Wednesday, August 13, 2014

How to Make Most of Your College Experience

College will be the time of your life. But you and only YOU that can make it that way! So take advantage of what is ahead of you and live without regret.

6. Participate in Welcome Week Activities
// Maybe to some this may seem a little cheesy, but by participating in these events you learn so much about your school and what they have to offer you, making the campus your oyster! They can lead you to participate in clubs and societies, help you learn more about the community, and you will meet so many new people! Those people I adventured around with the first couple weeks of school are now my closest friends!

Okay, not the cutest of pictures, but the was taken during welcome week. Turns out those photobombers would soon become good friends!
5. Don't Go Home Every Weekend
//Every once in awhile is okay, but if you go home every weekend, it'll really make it a lot harder to build friendships. You meet SO MANY people on the weekends! The weekends are your time to relax and take a break from classes. Most likely you'll be wanting to go out and enjoy the nightlife, or maybe you want to chill and watch a movie. No matter what you want to do, you can always find someone who wants to do the same as you! Friendships are a vital part of your college experience. After all, some of these people you will consider close lifelong friends. Don't miss out on that! 

4. Stay Organized
//You are going to be having so many papers, assignments, and projects. Especially the last two weeks of your semester! It will be so incredibly easy to forget about something. Sometimes you'll have that kind professor that will remind you of a due date, maybe even send an email, but that is not always the case. I don't mean to sound like your parent... but you have to be aggressive and stay on top of things! Not even joking, if you forget even one assignment, it could break your grade and prevent you from reaching your goal.

3. Enjoy the Environment & Support the Local Community
//Take in the scenery and go on an adventure! Go on a walk, visit a farmers market, volunteer, be local! This new place that you go to school at is now your new home. So get to know it! Don't be that person that only knows where the best parties are... stay well rounded, and enjoy your time there. Make the most of it!
A trail near to where I was living.
2. Take Advantage of the Opportunities in Front of You 
// In other words, become involved! I can not stress this enough! Join a club, a band or a choir. Perhaps play an intramural sport, or a take a yoga class. Find your niche. Not only will you meet tons of new and interesting people, but by participating you'll expand your horizons and open the door to new opportunities and experiences. Believe me, you'll make so many great memories. Also don't turn down field trip opportunities! Your professor set up these trips for a reason, so you can gain knowledge first hand!

1. Put Yourself out There & Be Aggressive
//This is so important. This is not just about how to make college the best experience you could have, but it's also a way to approach life as a whole. In high school, my biggest regret was not putting my self out there. I did not join many clubs, I never went for a leadership position, and as far as my grades... well, I really wished I would've tried harder. In college I promised myself that would change, and it has! I am a member of a handful of clubs, have gained my first leadership position, and I met my goal in terms of my grades. It gives me a great sense of accomplishment and motivates me to shoot even higher! Not only does this apply to school, but your personal goals as well. Coming up this September I'll be running my first half marathon, and recently I started this blog! Two huge goals I have had for quite awhile. Although it took a lot of preparation, I have finally reached my goals and am super excited to see where my future can take me if I stay as aggressive as I have! Although it can be intimidating and even a little terrifying, it is totally worth it and will make for a successful person. 

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