Saturday, December 6, 2014

Opportunities to Look Forward to in 2015

The year 2014 came and went so quickly! My first year of college when by in a blink and its hard to believe I am already almost done with my first semester of my sophomore year! As I get older I am understanding how fast time is flying. It has really put into perspective how I do have to seize the day and make the most it. Take advantage every opportunity I can while it is right in front of me. We take so much time for granted. So with that said, here are some opportunities I am looking forward in this upcoming year 2015.
1. Running a half marathon and running my second Tough Mudder.

2. Studying abroad in Switzerland. On that subject visiting as many places as possible!
3. Become published author in some way, shape, or form.
4. After I come back from studying abroad, making the official transition from vegetarian to vegan.

5. Living in a house with my close friends.
6. Hopefully be doing an internship!
7. The new Star Wars movie, and Find Dory!
8. My brother coming home from teaching english in South Korea.
Those are just a few things as of right now. I am excited to see where 2015 will take me. 
What are you excited for in this upcoming year?

Friday, December 5, 2014

Top 10 Cult Films

If I have not made it clear yet, I LOVE MOVIES. They bring me joy and there is always a way I can connect with them. To me, a movie is not just a movie... it is a piece of art. While I love nearly any movie, in this moment I would like to share some of my favorite cult films.
"Wait Shannon, what is a cult film?"
That is a great question! A cult film is a particular film that has a diehard following. Most often the films have a strange sense of humor and are outlandish compared to the average mainstream film.
With that said, in no particular order:
1. Young Frankenstein, Dir. Mel Brooks, 1974

3. Rocky Horror Picture Show, Dir. Jim Sharman, 1975
4. Clue, Dir. Jonathan Lynn, 1985
5. Donnie Darko, Dir. Richard Kelly, 2001
6. Pee-wee's Big Adventure, Dir. Tim Burton, 1985

7. The Lost Boys, Dir. Joel Schumaucher, 1987
8. Wayne's World, Dir. Penelope Spheeris, 1992
9. Heathers, Dir. Michael Lehmann, 1988
10. Dazed and Confused, Dir. Richard Linklater, 1993
I could've easily continued the list. But there are ten of them! All cult films, all worth the viewing.
What are your favorite cult films?

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cult Classic Favorite: Tim Curry

I highly enjoy Tim Curry. I really can not understand why I love him so much. Maybe it is because all the characters he has played are so classic. Maybe it's that distinct voice of his. I really can not put my finger on it... but he continues to win my affection again and again. So I thought I would honor him. Give him an ode for all the fine entertaining he has brought to the world over the past several decades. 
Let's start from his humble beginnings... 
It all started in the late 1960's when he was casted in the original, London Cast, Hair. A musical that is outdated now, but still quite wonderful. Plus they all come out naked at the end of the first act. So that always keeps things a little interesting, right?

Here we have a young Tim Curry, at the tender age of 23 discussing Hair.
It was while working on Hair, the Curry met the man, Richard O'Brien, that would place him in one of the most iconic roles of all time... 
Rocky Horror Picture Show. In this fine piece cult cinematography, Curry takes of the role of Dr. Frank N. Furter, a mad scientist/transvestite. This role launched his career.
He continued to play this role also on broadway until 1975, in London, LA, and NY.   
While Rocky Horror Picture Show was a major success, he went on to play many other roles in the theatre realm... 
Here he is play in the original cast playing Wolfgang Amadeus Motzart, in Amadeus... Also mind you that is Ian Mckellan next to him... eehm, LOTR's Gandalf.  He also starred in Travesties, The Pirates of Penzance, Me and My Girl, My Favorite Year, Monty Python's Spamalot, What About Dick?, numerous plays with the Royal National Theatre, and many other productions!
Exciting, right? Well his roles would continued to be nothing but sheer glory in the movie industry...
While I would love to go through each and every role, this post would probably take light years to get through... so I'll stick to some of his most popular roles. 
He played the bad guy, Rooster Hannigan, in 1982's Annie
Wadsworth, the butler in 1985's Clue. A personal favorite!
in 1990, he was in The Hunt for Red October as Dr. Petrov. 
What a nice picture.  
That same year he made the transformation to Pennywise the Dancing Clown. He terrified and ate children in the ABC miniseries It. Don't worry, Pennywise was destroyed in the end. 

Soon he became part of one of the most popular christmas franchise, Home Alone. He had the role of the the concierge in Home Alone 2: Lost in New York
Skip ahead nearly a decade and he made appearances in a variety of movies such as Scary Movie 2 and Kinsey, the biopic of Alfred Kinsey.  
Now when I ask a person my age if they know who Tim Curry is they say no. I'll bring up Home Alone or Rocky Horror Picture Show, and some of them sort of remember. Contrary to their belief, they are quite familiar to Tim Curry. Especially his voice. For he was the man behind many of our favorite cartoon characters. 
Nigel Thornberry
Rex Pester in The Rugrats Movie.
Then so many other more! 
Here is to Tim Curry. What a international treasure.
I hope after reading this post, he now holds a special place in your heart as he does in mine.  

Here I am in all my glory!

I wrote this profile for a class I have. Thought I'd share it with you guys! Just a creative take on myself.
Jumping into a lake in Switzerland

      I’m a feminist. I’m also a vegetarian. I’m that person that is a total tea junkie, has far too many plants to count, is somewhat spacey, and would classify Classic Rock as their Tumblr fandom. Yeah, that’s me. Hope I’m not coming on too strong! I stand a mere 5 feet tall, and have loose curly hair that I plan to grow out to my belly. Glasses are my calling card and also my favorite accessory. Born and raised in Milwaukee, I drink from a bubbler, root for the Brewers, attempt to sneak to the top of the US Bank Building every now and again, and attend Summerfest more than my wallet can handle. 
      I’ll be honest; school was not my thing for quite some time up until college. Math was worst nightmare, science following not too far behind. But there were other classes to compromise. I love the past. History has always been a passion. I adore old music and films and the desire to learn about them has yet to burn out. Then of course communication arts was equally as wonderful. I loved reading classic novels and learning about European literature in particular. Writing essays especially came natural. My biggest regret in high school was not taking AP Literature. However I did take AP Studio Art and AP US & Comparative Governments! I remember countless nights staying up for those classes. No sleep but plenty of frustration. Not to mentioned many eraser shreds, balls of tape, and colorful stains on the carpets from chalk pastels. Something my mother will forever hold against me.

Now the nights I didn’t stay up frustrated from elements of art and the Russian government, you could finds me snuggled in bed on a date with a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and Netflix, or my boyfriend. It was one of the two and still is today. I have been dating my boyfriend, Joe, for two and a half years. He is a swell guy and is over a foot taller than me, so that’s always fun. Often times when we watch a movie, I’ll always want to watch the same old movies, The Goonies, Back to the Future, or sometimes I sprinkle in a John Hughes film. I adore movies. I’m big into cult films and would like to work for the movie industry one day. Paired with my major I would like to help market films and run their official social media. I also consider writing screenplays. Those are just thoughts in my noggin. Otherwise, I would really like to write for a humanitarian group. Right now my focus is school. I have a goal for a GPA of 3.5 or above, which I know I can achieve. Also I have an online class, which I need to give aplenty of love. Online classes tend to be my weakness, as in I tend to procrastinate. Procrastination, yet another thing to work on! 
While movies and past pop cultures are a huge passion of mine, I enjoy myself a good adventure. Traveling is a beautiful opportunity I can never pass up. In high school I went on an amazing trip to Europe. I can say I’ve been to France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and the smallest country in the world, Lichtenstein. Oh, I’ll throw in Canada and I have been to every Great Lake.  In a month my brother will be teaching English in South Korea. Already there is talk of my family visiting him. Also next year I plan on studying abroad, once again visiting France, maybe Switzerland? Even if it’s a trip up north or an escapade in downtown Milwaukee, I am always excited to try and visit new and random places. Although I love to travel, when it comes to driving places, I want nothing to do with it. Something really special about me is that I am a horrendous driver. I have gotten two speeding tickets, one parking ticket, have smashed a mirror, and completely destroyed my back windshield. I promise I don’t try to do these things. All I have to say is watch out for the red Montero.
      I’m a pretty diverse individual. I take something’s very seriously. I am very supportive of human rights. I have the goal to one day become a vegan, for both health and ethical reasoning. I want to help people to understand what it truly means to be a vegan and a feminist, what it means to me. I just want a happier Earth and a happier Shannon, that’s all. But whenever I have an issue or need to vent, I let it flow through writing. I use this blog as an outlet. It is new and still pretty rough. I am finding my voice as a writer and am excited to see where my voice can take me. 

Snuck a shot of my brother and his boyfriend at a pride march in Chicago, 2013. 


UPDATE: I got another parking ticket.