Thursday, August 21, 2014

Door County 2014

The last couple weeks of August are always crazy regardless of age. Rushing to fit in the last few summer adventures and activities before gathering the school supplies or packing up bags for college. For me, I was able to fit in a few adventure; from camping with my boyfriend to visiting my friends, work did not completely suck the fun out of my summer. But this past weekend my mom and I went on one final trip, one I have been looking forward to all summer, our trip to Fish Creek, Door County!

Now if you don't know where Door County is, it is the peninsula of Wisconsin that stretches into Lake Michigan. Fish Creek in particular is on the north side. It is a small quaint town that has a great amount of history, beautiful scenery, and plenty of shopping!

And the FOOD! 

Cheese and onion pizza loaded with Garlic from the Bayside Tavern. Delish.
If God were a food, dark chocolate PB cup from The Confectionary. I had one or two, or maybe three. No shame.

Don't forget to go to the White Gun Inn, a restaurant/hotel that has been standing and in service for more than 100 years! Plus it is only a block away from the lake. While waiting to be seated, I obtained myself a glorious cup of tea. If you don't know already, I am a tea junkie! One sip and I was in love. I chose "Paris" by Harney & Sons. It was the most unusual flavor I saw in the mix, so I tried it and was far from disappointed. It was sweet but not fruity, I thought I picked up a hint of lavender. Definitely keeping my eyes open for this brand. 

While the tea was amazing, the breakfast was insanely majestic. The White Gull Inn is actually famous for their breakfast. Since Door County is cherry country, especially this time of year, many of their dishes contain cherries! I got their cherry creamcheese stuffed french toast with a side of hash browns. This dish, mind you, won an award from Good Morning America. This is the second time I've had this dish. It is amazing beyond belief. This meal itself, should be put on your bucket list.

In the midst of eating, shopping, swimming, boating, etc., take in a moment to take a walk and enjoy the scenery.

 Shopping in Fish Creek is always fun. You can anything to quirky products to the essentials. Myself, a few of my favorite things I purchased were a green Stormer Kromer hat, a new pair of mocs, and well, I'd be a liar if I didn't put Peanut Butter Cups on this list...

But on the way home my family always stops at a shop completely devoted to cherries, and well, I think our last purchase was a perfect ending to such an amazing gateway.

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