Thursday, July 31, 2014

This is not a test.

This is the real thing. It is happening, it is finally happening. I am here, I am blogging, and this post is PUBLISHED. That's right, my first published post. My very first, and hopefully only, awkward post that I will share. I mean it only took me months to get here... but look how far I've come! I finally created an appealing, non-tacky nor basic blog. I've decided to head down the road of class, and invest. Plus with the help of Pinterest, Bloglovin', and the stalking of manymanymany (yes, that many) blogs, I have gained a beautiful insight about the game of blogging. However I am still new to it and excited to learn more.

Welcome to and she was, a blog created by Shannon: author, thinker, artist, girlfriend, daughter, photographer, adventurer, and anything else she was and wanted to be.

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