Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Trial and Error of Liquid Fasting: Part I

Well last week I started a liquid fast. I was going to shoot for five days but only made it for three!  I am no expert, but this is my experience, my trial and error of fasting! 

Weight before: 120 lbs. 
Weight after: Unfortunately unknown!
Height: 5 Glorious feet of beauty. No inches added.

Drinking Schedule:
After I woke up, I took a few supplements: Emergen-C, Elderberry Extract, and Gummy Vitamins (the only "food" I had while fasting) and mannn were they savored.
Then scatted throughout the day:
A cup of green tea
One Liter of water
Half a Naked Juice
Second Liter of Water
Second half of a Naked Juice
Third Liter of Water
Cup of Tea

Sunday (The Day Before the Fast): Had the illogical mindset that I should eat crappy food because I won't be able to have some for almost a week. Hmm, okay Shannon. Lacked that healthy good stuff.

Monday (Day 1): Attempt to go cold Turkey. Made it until 4:00pm. The hunger was a crazy beast, I could not control it. I heard of people eating a piece of fruit at night, so I thought I'd compromise and I ate an apple. Quickly I felt guilty. Later my boyfriend came into my room, and thought something was wrong and that I was acting strange, which I was! I was anxious and kinda spastic. That's when he convinced me to eat dinner with him, but only a little bit. So I ate a salad and a roll. Then later around 9:00pm I had a Larabar. This is how my Sunday should've been.

Tuesday (Day 2): So technically day one of my fast. This was the first day I went without any food (minus two gummy vitamins.)The hunger is the most intense on the first day, and so are the gurgley noises. In the mid afternoon I began to develop a headache and became a bit dizzy. After that I also got nearly feverish. But by later that night, everything subsided. Also I was not bloated!

Wednesday (Day 3): Hunger was not as intense as the two days beforehand. However at moments I felt sick. Dizziness, feverish, headache, extremely tired, and hard to focus (spacey.) Also when I got up my vision would start to become black and I'd take a moment to regain my vision. But with a nap, most everything cleared up, just had a little headache. Also I would drink a Naked juice and that would also make me feel more whole. Food itself is not longer a craving, just a nice idea. However mentally I was incredibly distraught. I was miserable. Later that night I went on a walk with my boyfriend, and we talked it through and I broke my fast that night. It was for the best.

I broke my fast with a Larabar. Literally, I never enjoyed food as much in that moment as I did any other. I was actually laughing as I ate it because I was so excited and so thrilled to have food. It was strange, yet the experience was nearly immaculate. The taste was amazing, but it was the texture that I longed for. I had an apple and some chips and salsa later on.

Would I fast again?
Without a doubt. I am anticipating the moment when I am ready again! While my boyfriend and I discussed my fast, we went over the mistakes I made and why my fast made me emotionally distraught. I did not mentally and physically prepare myself accurately. Fasting is a spiritual journey, a vision I had, but it was lost quickly. I focused on weight loss. I focused on food. It was harsh. There are so many things I learned through this process that will help me more in the future.

1. Do your research. Seriously, be educated about the subject before eliminate food!
2. Be open optimistic.
3. Use it as a spiritual tool. Focus on mind and strive for tranquility and enlightenment. Be Peaceful and be mindful of your soul.
4. The day before you fast, only eat small meals.
5. Maybe a week or so before you fast, try one day only consuming liquids.
6. Mentally prepare for the questions!

I'll let you know how my next fast goes when the time comes! I'm excited!
Any questions or if you care to share your story and experience, feel free! I am always open to advice!


  1. Wow this drink cleanse seems intense. I did a drink cleanse of suja and I actually really enjoyed it. I did find it to be quite filling surprisingly but I also drank 6 drinks a day and I think each one was 24 oz or something like that. I felt so much better after the cleanse, I don't know if I lost weight which Im sure I did, but gained it right back once eating solids. But I craved more veggies and fruit which was good.
    xx, Jodi

  2. I've never heard of Suja. Sounds like something I should research though! That's super cool you craved more fruits and veggies! I will say after the fast, I did have a better understanding of want my body legitimately craved.