Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September obsessions

With college starting, I've been neglecting my blog. So I thought I'd come back with a simple post of September favorites! September is clearly in the air up here in Wisconsin. I went up north this weekend and saw the leaves starting to change, and got a giddy and happy inside purely because fall is my favorite season, hands down. With that in mind there have been a few things I have been obsessing over that fit the month or things that have just really been catching my fancy lately!

Fashion// Harlow Suede Wedge Booties by Sperry Top-Sider
I've never really been into anything Sperry, but I love my booties deeply. They are comfortable and pretty easy to wear with almost anything. They fit my personality and style perfectly, so I guess me and the booties were meant to be!

Watches// American Horror Story
Yes, I am kinda late to hop on this bandwagon (thank the lord for Netflix.) It's unconventional because each season is a different story, and the cast for the most part changes. The acting is great and the show in general is so well put together. I am done with only two seasons. I still have to watch Coven and season four comes out in October! Plus I will not deny my affection for Evan Peters.

Music// A few songs I've been fancying in no particular order.
M.O.N.E.Y - The 1975
Siren Call - Little Daylight
High For This (The Weeknd Remix) - Ellie Goulding
Leave the Lights On (DNTST Remix) - Meiko
East of Eden - Zella Day 

Food// Larabars
I have buying these like crazy at my local co-op. I've read that larabars are one of the best "granola bars" you can buy, next to kind bars, another obsession. They come in so many awesome flavors. My Favorite is Chocolate chip coconut!

Other// Fasting
I've really been into fasting and how it works and the different types. I am currently going through a liquid fast for 5 days, and will also plan on intermittent fast afterward. The goal is to cleanse and detox, while getting my eating habits into control. I'll make another post complete dedicated to my fasting once I finish my liquid fast!

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