Saturday, October 25, 2014

Some Fall Adventures

Hey Guys!
I am really going to reiterate that I've been slackin' on this blog, which I still have a deep affection for. SO PLEASE DON"T GIVE UP ON ME. Also I have not quite met my goal of posting twice a week... well good thing there are still two more weeks left in October!
So where I go to school, no season can beat the beauty of fall. It is honestly the best, and if I have not made myself clear in my previous post, I LOVE FALL. I have been enjoying every aspect of nature, as I always do. So with the beauty of nature at the tips on my fingers that calls for some adventures!

 I took this picture up at my friends cabin in September. The yard was full of mushrooms and moss. This is probably one of my favorite pictures that I have ever taken.
 Here is my Joe, us adventuring down into a valley after fetching some Taco Bell.

Then one weekend my brother and his boyfriend came to visit, and we went to a natural landmark near my college with my boyfriend.

 Probably my favorite picture from the trip ^

 a family picture.

 Later I went on a build (we build houses)  for a club I am a member of with my friend. Unfortunately the safety glasses wouldn't stay on with my glasses...
 Then as I was biking to a meeting and was passing by one of the oldest building on campus and could not resist a picture.

Then this past week my boyfriend and I went on an adventure down a nature trail, wondered off of it a bit,  and it was incredibly beautiful.

 Being a goon.

 Hope you have been having just as wonderful of a season as I have been having!  I am excited for more to come.

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