Monday, November 3, 2014

Pura Vida Braclets

Hey Guys!

There has been a company I have been really obsessing over lately and really want to spread the word! So I was scrolling through Facebook recently when I came across a page for a company called Pura Vida. The images that were shown were simple bracelets that looked similar to friendship bracelets. Simplistic and casual. I found the bracelets appealing so I clicked on the link to their store to see what they had. I was very impressed. Now the first thing I noticed that these simple and fun bracelets were only about $5. So naturally I kept looking! Soon I discovered a whole line of bracelets and anklets completely and entirely dedicated to different charities. All you have to do is click on a category: enviro-causes, animal awareness, education + children, cancer awareness, woman's causes, conditions, service + military, and memorial. Within nearly every category you can find a plethora of beautiful yet simple bracelets that give back to society. Say a bracelet is $5, they will donate $1 to which ever charity is paired with the bracelet. So I bought two bracelets,one to help save the honeybees, and another to help benefit the vegan outreach. I dig some more digging and found out that, say you have a club, you can customize and sell them for a fundraiser. Overall, this small online business warms my soul. They help keep local artisans from Costa Rica employed, donate to charities, recycle, and have a creative vibe.

My two bracelets, HoneyLove and Vegan Outreach:)
Let's just say, I know what I am getting my friends and family for Christmas! 


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